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parameter one:
parameter two:
parameter three:
Search Preference
Whole words or phrases (most specific)
Words starting with (less specific)
(default) Containing word or phrase (most hits)

Some notes:
1. The FTP page has file sizes in it. The results of the search do not, due to the way the form is generated.

2. The results, if any, are clickable for downloading.

3. Special characters aren't allowed. There are few (if any) in the listings. Searches with wildcards, like "xxx*" or "*xxx*" are covered by the "Words starting with..." and "Words containing..." options. They can also be used to try to gain access to the machine. All special characters are therefore deleted when input.

4. You can put up to three phrases or words in the form. They will be searched for as "1 OR 2 OR 3". The options allow you to search for a specific word or phrase, a word beginning with some characters, or a word containing the character string (this last one typically gets a lot of hits.)

Some simple examples:
Example 1:
Parameter one: Pegasus
Parameter two: mail
Parameter three: PGP
This would return all entries with "Pegasus" OR "mail" OR "PGP" in them.

Example 2:
Parameter one: Pegasus mail PGP
Parameter two:
Parameter three:
This would return all entries with the phrase "pegasus mail pgp" in that order in them.

Example 3:
Parameter one: Pegasus mail
Parameter two: PGP
Parameter three:
This would return all entries with the phrase "pegasus mail" OR "PGP" in them.

The search is not case sensitive, so "Pegasus" = "pegasus" = "PeGaSuS"

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